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Foundation for Strengthening Human Skill
මානව කුසලතා ඵලදායිතාකරණ පදනම
மனித திறனை பலப்படுத்துவதற்கான அறக்கட்டளை

Story About Us

Who are we
The Foundation for Strengthening Human Skill is a Non-governmental organization which provides a variety of trainings and services that leverages the living standards of community whilst ensuring sustainability.

Urgent Cause

Our voice matters
It is evident that youth determines the sustainability of development of any country. In sri lanka over 23% of the population are youth (age 15-29) it means approximately 4.8 million. The Project ‘Our voice Matters! Youth Empowerment, participation and influence in Decision making in Sri Lanka’’ is facilitated by Plan International Sri Lanka through National Youth Services Council Sri Lanka, funded by the United Nations Democratic Fund (UNDEF). FSHS is responsible to provide the technical guidance and support for the cause.